Review: I Spill Your Guts (2012, Acid Bath Productions)




Category: Slasher
Directed by:
James Balsamo

Written by: James Balsamo
Starring: Billy Walsh, Carmine Capobianco
Music: Michael Matteo
Cinematography: James Balsamo

Last year at the Rock & Shock Horror Convention (I’ll do an article on that later on) I was wandering around and some dude called me over from one of the booths and offered this movie, a dope t-shirt adorned with alternate poster art, and a chance to get murdered in their next movie for $20. I recognized the movie from an ad in Horrorhound, saw that there were all sorts of cameos, plus I just plain like indie B-Movie’s, so I snatched it up. And no, I unfortunately did not win the raffle. The premise: Joe Bava (Billy Walsh) and Dennis Berkowitz (James Balsamo) (references to giallo film director Mario Bava and Son of Sam killer David Berkowitz?) were in the Afghan or Iraq war together, Dennis takes a bullet for Joe, ends up in a coma, Joe takes the credit for being the hero, bloody rampage ensues in Manhattan. Pretty classic slasher set up. Most of the actors are all unknowns but we get a good deal of cameos: Andrew W.K., Oderus Urangus from GWAR, Frank Mullen of NY death metal outfit Suffocation, the master of B-Movies himself Lloyd Kaufman from Troma Entertainment, and some others. James Balsamo is a one man army in this film; Not only does he play the slasher, he’s also the director, writer, producer, editor, cinematographer, special effects artist, and every other crew role you can think of. Dude’s a boss.

As I may have mentioned this a low budget slasher. No one’s getting an Academy Award here. This actually reminds me of a Bill Zebub movie: cheesey acting and audio, shoddy editing, tits and gore galore, lots of death metal songs that are mixed too loud and play for too long, although this lacks his heavy social-political views and sarcastic, racy humor. As a fan of indie horror films this is to be expected, and I don’t mind it. The soundtrack is awesome by the way, loads of death metal. There’s even footage of a Ghoul and Skeletonwitch concert. The special effects in this movie aren’t that bad either, I love practical effects. My main gripe with this movie is that it’s not very original, but it’s only Balsamo’s second full length film, most people don’t establish a distinct style right off the bat.

This is a true independent venture, a group of friends who like metal and slashers got together and made a movie (I love how almost every character is covered in tattoos and body mods), can’t knock them for that. If you’re not REALLY into horror movies you probably won’t like it, but if you can appreciate a fun, B-movie that was put together by people who are truly into what they’re doing then you might dig it. By the way if you do like this check out Balsamo’s first film Hack Job and his latest film Cool as Hell (both of which I still need to watch) and support independent filmmakers in general, they need more support and attention than the director of the latest Carrie remake does.





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