Review: Some Guy Who Kills People (2011, Lightning Media)




Category: Horror-Comedy, Slasher
Directed by:
Jack Perez

Written by: Ryan Levin
Starring: Kevin Corrigan, Barry Bostwick, Karen Black
Music: Ben Zarai, David Kitchens
Cinematography: Shawn Maurer

I bought this movie on a whim last year and it blew my mind. It is fantastic. The perfect blend of dark humor, gore, slasher aesthetic, cinematography, acting. This movie nailed it. Director Jack Perez made a bunch of movies I never heard of and don’t give a shit about before and after this but this movie is a goddamn gem. And if you didn’t noticed, famed horror director John Landis (An American Werewolf in London) co-produced this.

Synopsis: Former tortured high school mascot/mental patient Ken Boyd (Judd Apatow alumni Kevin Corrigan) works a shit ass job at an  ice cream cream parlor with one of his only friends Irv (Leo Fitzpatrick of Kids fame) and he still lives with his mom (Trilogy of Terror star Karen Black). His former Jock Chodebag classmates who bullied him start to die off, and after awhile the authorities start to make the connection. He starts a romantic relationship with some chick named Stephanie (Lucy Davis from Shaun of the Dead). Also his long estranged daughter comes into the picture.

I love this movie. Plenty of great kill sequences and an engaging storyline. The humor is very dry, but I love dry humor, LOVE IT. The awkward relationship with his daughter is one of the shining moments of this film, yet very relatable, especially as a new dad myself. The sheriff in this film, along with his deputy are fucking hilarious as well. Lots of great silly moments. This movie looks great, whoever handled the cinematography is fantastic. All of the acting is flawless. Some good gore too. And of course, fantastic title!

There’s really not much I can say to criticize this film. The pace might be slow for some, maybe the atmosphere this film presents might not interest certain people. If you like a well thought-out, well shot, independent horror/thriller film with some perfectly placed sly humor then check this out.





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