Review: The Haters – Tales From the Crypt (2006, Self Released?)

Genre: Horror Punk

the haters

I usually like to do some research on whatever I’m reviewing but unfortunately there’s not much info on these guys! I know they’re Italian! I wasn’t aware that this is actually a demo tape until I tried to look these guys up. They re-recorded some songs for their full length Beware of Them which I will eventually get my hands on if possible.

The style in which they play is a combination of horror punk and good ol’ rock & roll with a rockabilly feel, and some heavy riffage in a few songs. The vocalist kind of reminds me of Alex Story of Cancerslug with less 50’s blues rock inflection and nowhere near as vulgar. Mostly power chord driven guitar with some classic 60’s style solos, rhythmic drumming, and really solid bass playing. There’s a clear Misfits influence which they proudly wear on their sleeves, they even cover “Horror Hotel”.

In true horror punk fashion all of the songs are titled after and concern B-Movies, although they go beyond just Hammer Horror and 50’s/60’s films with a song titled “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. The opening track “Night of the Living Dead” (Not a Misfits cover!), which starts with a sample from Dawn of the Dead 04′, has some Misfits-esque “whoooas” in the background and Johnny Thunders sounding guitar licks. “Jack the Ripper” has a heavier feel to it with an almost two-step type hardcore rhythm and chugging guitars, with a break featuring Univibe drenched guitar lines. “Nightmare” has some ballsier guitar power chording to it as well, with big anthemic backing vocals and some more Univibe effected leads. “Mutant” Monsters” has a great, catchy walking guitar line and delightfully cheesy sci-fi subject matter. For a demo, the recording doesn’t sound too bad but then again it’s a punk album.

If you want some straight forward, classic horror punk with a rock & roll feel then give this underground Italian foursome a listen! Good luck finding the CD, take a stab at digging through Google!

I couldn’t find anything off of the demo, this is the re-recorded version. It was the best I could do! Talk about obscure.





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