Review: Dear God No! (2011, Big World Pictures)




Category: Exploitation, Retro
Directed by:
James Bickert

Written by: James Bickert
Starring: Jett Bryant, Madeline Brumby, Paul McComisky, Olivia LaCroix, Shane Morton, Johnny Collins
Music: Richard Davis, The Forty Fives, Bryan G. Malone, Adam McIntyre
Cinematography: Shawn Maurer

Grindhouse has been making comeback as of late, possibly due to 2007’s Rodriguez/Tarantino double feature Grindhouse which spawned three movies based on some of the fake trailers (Hobo With a Shotgun and the two Machete films). Grindhouses were former burlesque theaters that screened exploitation films, most famous were the ones located on 42nd Street in NYC. Exploitation covers any type of cinematic excess: porn, horror movies, monster movies, westerns, martial arts films, etc. There have been a few movies coming out imitating the low quality production, faux trailer and concession ads, gore, T&A, ridiculous storylines, and bad acting of these classic exploitation features. Like the film Grindhouse, most of these movies are too over the top and ridden with CGI to feel like a real grindhouse feature. This film does a much better job of capturing that 70’s feel, although it’s still an extremely ridiculous film.

You’ve got a biker gang, The Impalers, that go on a murder and rape spree then shit goes down when they piss off a sasquatch. Strippers with tommy guns rocking Nixon masks, heavy drug use, random acts of violence, nuns getting raped and butched, abortions, Nazi science. Director James Bickert tries to stuff every exploitation subgenre into this movie.

This was shot on actual 16mm, so it looks like a straight up 70’s flick which is awesome, and all of the effects are practical. The gore and nudity is pretty excessive in this movie. The acting is all pretty bad as well as the script. There’s a lot of random shit thrown in this movie just to have it there, e.g. some dude blowing down lines in the shape of a swastika. The pacing is pretty bad, this film could’ve used some serious editing. The ending is just really weird. Everything you need in a grindhouse film.

This is a pretty bad movie overall, you’re not going to enjoy it unless you’re into low budget 70’s exploitation films. Even if you are into it, like myself, this just gets boring after awhile. Appreciate it for what it is; an over the top grindhouse homage. Check it out if you’re into B-movies, nun rape, blood & guts, boobies, blow, bikers, and/or Bigfoot.





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