Review: Feeders (1996, Polonia Brothers Entertainment)



Category: Sci-Fi
Directed by:
John Polonia, Mark Polonia, Jon McBride

Written by: Mark Polonia
Starring: Jon McBride, John Polonia
Music: N/A
Cinematography: Arthur Daniels

The late cult cinema filmmakers John Polonia (Splatter Farm, Terror House) and Jon McBride (Woodchipper Massacre, Cannibal Campout) collaborated yet again as well as star in this super low budget “alien invasion” flick. Two buddies are going on vacation to check out the ocean, take some pictures, and slay some poon, then some 2 foot tall rubber aliens drop down from space and fuck shit up.
This is a low budget (I read somewhere that is was shot for around $500) film shot on a video camera these guys probably found in a pawn shop, or in a dumpster. So you you kind of know what to expect: bad acting, bad special effects, bad quality, bad everything. It’s about on par with Things (I’ll review that once I get through it). You’ve got little rubber alien toys hunting down and killing people, tin can space crafts, cheesy gore, some dude dies from getting tapped by a car going about 2mph, lackluster plot twists. It’s pretty awesome. The Polonia Bros and McBride have been making B-movies since the 80’s (collaborating quite a bit along the way) and really haven’t altered their formula.

If you’re into low quality movies shot on VHS and enjoy that campy appeal then check this out. This is for collectors and true horror geeks. If you’re a casual horror or cinema fan, then you probably won’t be super into this. It’s a B-movie, you know what you’re in for.





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