Review: Holla If You Hear Me Kill You (2009, SRS Cinema)



Category: Slasher
Directed by:
Mark Harris

Written by: Mark Harris
Starring: Cyn Dulay, Lorenzo Hunt, Revelation
Music: Edgar Artek Sinio
Cinematography: Ricardo Islas

A classic styled slasher with some whodunit elements thrown in there, the story concerns a group of recording artists and their friends who start getting picked off one by one by a masked assailant. It’s clear that whoever is doing this is someone close to them so everyone becomes a suspect.

My main gripe with this movie is the characters, everyone is  pretty much a total douche. Even though getting hacked up is a focal point in slashers, it’s nice to have characters you like because there’s a decent amount of the movie where you have to deal with them being alive. There’s a lot of dialogue in this movie and not much of it is good. Everyone is a stereotypical ghetto wannabe thug and they spend most of the movie trash talking each other and it gets old quick. Plus these guys are supposed to be homies but they turn on each other almost immediately after the first victim dies. I know the filmmaker was trying to create a sense of confusion amongst his characters, but it didn’t pan out too well.

This flick has a decent body count and some good gore. The special effects aren’t insanely elaborate but there are some creative kills. It’s a low budget movie so the production isn’t amazing and the acting is pretty cheesy. Director Mark Harris did do a good job of keeping you guessing who the killer is, I was surprised by the ending.

More likeable characters and a tighter script would’ve greatly improved this, but it’s not that bad for a B-movie. There’s plenty of kills and a decent storyline, enough to be entertaining. Check this out if you want to watch a bunch of hoodlums and hoes get the shit murdered out of them.





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