Review: The Burrowers (2008, Lionsgate Entertainment)




Category: Monster Movie, Western
Directed by:
J.T. Petty

Written by: J.T. Petty
Starring: Clancy Brown, William Mapother, Laura Leighton, Sean Patrick Thomas
Music: Joseph LoDuca
Cinematography: Phil Parmet

The Burrowers takes place in the late 1870s Dakota Territory (which would split to become North and South Dakota post 1889) where members of the Stewart Family have been murdered with some of their kin missing. A posse forms together to search for the missing family members. Initially suspecting a tribe of Native Americans responsible, the gang discovers that something much more supernatural is afoot.

While it’s shot well this movie never really pulled me in or did a good job building tension, it just sort of meanders through its story line. It wasn’t scary or gory enough to be a horror film nor intense enough to be a thriller, it’s just a slow crawling film set in the West with some creatures thrown in. The dialogue is a bit stale, all of characters are pretty much stereotypes. It’s hard to comment on the acting due to what the actors were given to work with, not bad nor very convincing. There’s a cool scene where they find a girl buried alive which is pretty gnarly, not much else struck me other than that though. Oh, there’s lots of abuse and racism towards Native Americans throughout the film, which makes sense given the setting but some of it had nothing to do with the plot. The creature design is alright, definitely different. I saw plenty of reviewers that hated the ending, but that was honestly my favorite part. It was unexpected with a twist of bleak humor, right up my alley.

Not the worst movie I’ve seen, it’s something to watch on a rainy day when you don’t have much else going on. Hopefully the next weird western I watch is a bit better. Check this out if you want to see some Injuns get fucked up and white people get killed by subterranean critters.





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