Review: Bad Milo! (2013, Magnet Releasing)




Category: Body Horror, Horror-Comedy, Monster Movie
Directed by:
Jacob Vaughan

Written by: Jacob Vaughan, Benjamin Hayes
Starring: Ken Marino, Peter Stormare, Gillian Jacobs, Stephen Root, Mary Kay Place, Patrick Warburton
Music: Ted Masur
Cinematography: James Laxton

Yet again Magnet fails to let me down with another one of their quirky horror films. Bad Milo! is the story of Ken (Ken Marino; Party Down, Children’s Hospital) who’s got a lot of shit to deal with; a douchebag boss (Patrick Warburton; Seinfeld, The Venture Bros.), annoying coworkers, an overbearing mother (Mary Kay Place; she’s been in probably a hundred movies if not more) desperate for grandchildren, an absent father (Stephen Root; Office Space, King of the Hill), and his wife (Gillian Jacobs; Community) who also wants a baby. Eventually all of his stress physically manifests as a tiny demon who resides where the sun doesn’t shine. With the help of his therapist (Peter Stormare; The Big Lebowski, Fargo) he must bond with the little fucker to keep him from going on a bloody rampage. With a synopsis and cast like that backed by Magnet, there really was no way this could be awful. I’ve never heard of director Jacob Vaughan, I think this might be his first big production film.

The dialogue in the film is really well done, a lot of hilarious interactions between characters. The movie is pretty goofy as a whole, but the humor doesn’t come off as corny. Well some of it is, but it works. There is a decent amount of blood shed too which is always a plus. Most of the effects seem to be practical, aside from a few moments Milo apprears to be a puppet or animatronic throughout the film. There’s even a scene where someone clearly just threw his stiff dummy like a football, totally fake looking but it adds perfectly to the humor of the film. If you’re familiar with the cast at all, you know you really don’t have to worry about bad acting. Sure some characters are a little over the top, but that’s kind of the point of this whole movie.

Anyone who’s in the mood for some silly, horror comedy should definitely check this out. I dig this movie, I knew before I saw it that it was going to good and I wasn’t let down. Magnet doesn’t fuck around, check out the rest of their catalog.





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