Review: Scream Park (2013, WildEye Releasing)



Category: Slasher
Directed by:
Cary Hill

Written by: Cary Hill
Starring: Nicole Beattie, Steve Rudzinski, Nivek Ogre, Ian Lemmon, Doug Bradley
Music: Christian Kriegeskotte, Scott Lewis
Cinematography: Nathan W. Fullerton

It’s amusement park Fright Night’s last day of operation and the crew decides to end it with some underage drinking and by bumping uglies. Unbeknownst to them, the park’s owner Mr. Hyde (Hellraiser‘s Doug Bradley) has hired some backwoods bumpkins to shed some blood in hopes of creating a stir and finding an audience for his failing attraction. Hill’s low budget, crowdfunded project is an attempt to create an 80’s inspired slasher but is ultimately far too derivative and fails to stand out amongst the sea of indie murder movies.

Scream Park is full of cliché moments and stock characters that horror fans have seen hundreds of times over. I’m not sure if the stereotypical characters are either an homage or an attempt at meta-horror humor but either way it just wasn’t funny enough to avoid being tiresome. Nicole Beattie, who played the final girl Missi, was a decent actress, Doug Bradley is of course great with the minimal screen time he has, and the killers don’t really have to rely on their acting skills. Other than that all of the rest of the performances were pretty terrible. The acting was unnatural and the script they all had to work with wasn’t much better.

The killers were fun, they had a great to look them. I’m a pretty die-hard Skinny Puppy fan, they were my jam when I was super into industrial/goth rock back in middle school. Since then my musical taste has greatly broadened but I still like their music and respect their frontman Kevin Ogilvie (known by his stage name Ogre), his inclusion in this film was what initially caught my attention. He plays Iggy, the killer with the plague doctor mask, who seems to be the “brains” of the duo. The other killer is the silent brute dubbed Ogre (Ian Lemmon), an obvious reference to Ogilvie, who wear’s the burlap sack over his head and appears on a lot of the promotional material. He very may be a reference to Jason Voorhees’ appearance in F13 Part 2, but that’s merely my speculation. Another reference to Ogilvie is the goth chick reading the novel Go Ask Ogre in the bathroom early in the film. They do what every slasher villain does, they kill people and they are the main attraction for the film. They are entertaining to a certain degree but there’s not enough gore or inventive enough kills to distract me from the banality of the film.

While I can’t knock the director for trying to put out a film on such a low budget, it just didn’t strike a chord with me. While the premise and setting were a good concept and the killers were cool; the bad acting, weak script, and the overused trappings of every other slasher just kept me from keeping interest throughout the film.