Here’s a list of links to various video and music distributors, merchandisers, and pages that I love. There’s even a link to our Facebook page right here (that will be utilized more once I get some more likes).

Apparel/Art/LPs/Miscellaneous Merchandise:

>>Cavity Colors<<

>>Curious Goods<<

>>Death Waltz Recording Company<<

>>Fright Rags<<

>>Ghoulish Gary Pullin<<

>>Gray Matter Art<<

>>Hero Complex Gallery<<

>>Phil Stevens Art<<

>>Rotten Cotton<<

>>WaxWork Records<<

Production/Distribution Companies (Some of these only do limited runs/Will only have products at select times):

>>Arrow Films<<

>>Artificial Eye<<

>>Beneath the Underground<<


>>Cult Movie Mania<<

>>Drafthouse Films<<

>>Fat Foot Films<<

>>Glass Eye Pix<<

>>Grindhouse Productions<<

>>Magnet Releasing<<

>>Nightforce Video<<

>>Phantasma Disques<<

>>Salvation/Redemption Films<<

>>Scream Factory<<

>>Shameless Screen Entertainment<<

>>Something Weird Video<<

>>Synapse Films<<

>>SRS Cinema/Sub Rose Studios<<

>>Tartan Films<<



>>Vultra Video<<

>>Wild Eye Releasing<<

Horror Related Blogs:


>>Demons of Celluloid<<

>>Final Girl<<

>>Freddy In Space<<

>>The Girl Who Loves Horror<<



>>The Horror Online<<



>>I Was a Teenage Film Maker<<


>>Slashers, Starlets, and Sleaze<<

>>Strange Things Are Happening<<


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